Monday, August 10, 2015

Recipe Finder

In keeping with the food theme, The Balanced Literacy Diet website utilizes the word "recipes" as a metaphor for individual lessons. 

Within the section of "Recipe Finder" of the website an educator, parent or administrator can search lessons using a key word or can search in the drop down menu by grade level. 

This section solidifies the holistic education approach because a variety of lessons address the various needs of students for example in the Second Grade category of Recipes you can find: 

  • Mathematics and Literacy: Using Symmetry and Art to Practice Story Writing (Virtual Tour) ** Addressing the math strand of curriculum utilizing Art (creativity)**
  • Reader's Theater: Building Fluency and Expression ** Leveraging Drama to build reading fluency and expression**
  • Complete a Comic!: Promoting the Correct Use of Quotation Marks ** Leveraging technology, the SmartBoard, to create and develop comics and learn how to use quotation marks properly**

The variety of lessons within all grade levels aim to address the variety of learners that can be found in a classroom - students who learn through art, students who learn through technology, students who learn through manipulatives, etc. It is a great example of how through holistic education the classroom can be a dynamic, engaging and impactful setting for academics and personal growth. 

For educators, this section provides concrete examples and hands on learning opportunities to try out various strategies that they may have heard of but never knew how to implement. With the information being online through a website, one can email links or videos to themselves and watch before class or while they are creating and preparing materials. The website makes the information easy to access and portable - smart phones will easily allow the educator to access the information and bookmark pages they want to review or use in their classroom. Additionally, with the information online one can remove the barrier of having to ask a colleague for an example or lesson and can seek the information themselves. 

This section is also handy for parents or administrators who want to gain further knowledge of what is being taught in the classroom and who looks to further understand the strategies used to educate their children. 

Sample Video of the Lesson - Dial A Story!: 

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