Monday, August 10, 2015

Virtual Tours

This portion of the website is something that really makes it stand out from other websites that offer lesson plans. Virtual Tours allows teachers to navigate and explore classrooms that are set up to provide the best learning environment for literacy. In order to properly navigate a Virtual Tour one must click on the virtual tour they would like to take, when it opens, you click on the red dots for information about that section of the classroom. 


  1. Select a grade level
  2. Click on either meet the teacher or virtual class tour
  3. Click on the red dots in the virtual class tour to gain insight into what that element of the classroom is doing/teaching
  4. Some red dots provide a link to a video with the explanation of the strategy/concept and some provide text details

I found this portion of the website immensely helpful as both a newer teacher and someone who has set up a few different classrooms in different grade levels every year. It allows the educator to see what aspects are important for literacy instruction and provides a clear picture for how to implement it within a classroom. It is very helpful for both auditory and visual learners. New teachers could work with their mentor in the first weeks of school to set up their classroom how they like while leveraging the videos and information from this website. Together the educators could view the classrooms and discuss what could work and what would not work in the space provided. It provides concrete, tangible resource for classroom set up that is often overlooked by administrators in the first weeks of school. Teachers can take their classroom set up into their own hands and make it a meaningful exercise that creates a holistic environment that addresses the student needs to access information and display their work and the teacher needs to communicate learning and information to students, parents and administrators. 

Example of a Grade 5/6 Virtual Tour can be found here.

Example of a meet teacher video in Grade 5/6:

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